YouTuber's Guide to the Galaxy

004 - Courtland Allen | Freedom Over Fame

September 18, 2022 Dillan Taylor / Courtland Allen Episode 4
YouTuber's Guide to the Galaxy
004 - Courtland Allen | Freedom Over Fame
Show Notes

Courtland Allen is the founder of Indie Hackers—a community of people building profitable online businesses.

He and his brother Channing host the Indie Hackers podcast, which is huge in the tech and entrepreneurship space. Their show digs into case studies of creators who’ve taken their ideas and side projects and turned them into lucrative businesses. 

Since graduating from MIT, Courtland’s had a passion for building things with the people he loves. He spent a decade in the Silicon Valley startup world and found it to be kind of a popularity contest. Who can raise the most money...who can sell their company first…According to Courtland, he’s just “a nerd who loves computers.” So he’s dedicated his work to standing up for the lesser-known creators building useful products and services.

We cover: the power of not being financially dependent on someone else, why the saying “don’t work with friends or family” is bullshit, how Courtland sold Indie Hackers to a billion-dollar company, why he and his girlfriend turned their Airbnb into a garden, the biggest mistakes beginner entrepreneurs make, and much more.


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